Masters of Matte Conversion PPF

Masters of Matte Conversion PPF

When it comes to vehicle customization, the finish you choose can speak volumes about your style and preferences. At SlickAzz Protective Films, we take pride in being specialists in Matte Conversion Paint Protection Film (PPF). We are renowned for our PPF Matte Conversions on Big Dog Builds American Pickups. These huge vehicles are the most technically challenging on the market due to their size and extreme panel curvature. Protecting them in Matte film brings on a host of even more difficulties and technical skills. For that reason, many shops in Brisbane won’t even quote on such challenging work. But here at SlickAzz, is the difficult and big jobs we love to work on! Rest assured, if we can Matte PPF Convert a Silverado 2500, we can Matte convert anything!

Unparalleled Expertise

SlickAzz Protective Films isn't just a provider of PPF; we are masters of our craft. Our team boasts a wealth of experience in the realm of PPF installations, specifically Matte PPF. The complexities involved in working with matte finishes demand a higher level of expertise, and our specialists are well-versed in the intricacies of applying matte PPF with precision to a range of vehicles.

Seamless Matte Edges

Our skilled technicians meticulously align the matte film with the contours and edges of your vehicle, ensuring the matte finish is consistent from panel to panel. We pay special attention to minimising the gloss edges and panel gaps that can peak through. By extending our templates to be larger than the panel, we are then able to tuck and wrap the matte film further than is standard on a gloss PPF application. The final step is to trim the PPF in a way that ensures the film is as hidden as the material allows. 

Time and Care

Installing a matte conversion involves a lot more tucking and close trimming. On average it takes us an additional 30% of labour time to complete a matte ppf conversion over a standard PPF gloss job. It also requires a far more experienced installer who can reduce the working lines in the material and ensure the extra wrapping of material will hold. At SlickAzz, we allocate ample time to complete Matte jobs to the highest standard, because it simply takes longer. No rushing here.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is at the forefront of everything we do. We will work closely with you to understand your vision, preferences, and expectations. The key to a great Matte Conversion is ensuring that you are educated on the differences in the product and understand a realistic finish. These are all conversations that we will step you through during the booking process. Better yet, book in for a demo and let us show you how the matte PPF will look on your vehicle!

While matte PPF offers excellent protection, matte finishes require a higher level of expertise during installation due to their unique characteristics. Choosing a reputable and skilled installer,, ensures that your matte conversion PPF is applied with precision and care, preserving both the aesthetic appeal and protective qualities of the film.

Trust us to bring your matte vision to life, and let your vehicle make a statement with the transformative touch of a SlickAzz Matte Conversion PPF!



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