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With a passion for trucks and 4x4’s our team pride ourselves on our ability to understand the industry and problem solve to assist in whatever protection solution is needed.

Maddison Lawrence
Managing Director

Launching SlickAzz into the transport industry 3 years ago, Maddi is passionate about growing the awareness of PPF in Australia and finding practical uses for it. She invests a lot of time training PPF students and businesses across Australia!

Sammi Turner

Don’t let the word ‘Junior’ fool you, Sammi is the hawk eye of the workshop with exceptionally high standards for all installs. She creates all of our inhouse templates and is always eager to work on the 4x4s that frequent our shop!


Big Ambition. High Standards. Expert Installers.

We are a close knit team who are constantly striving to improve our skill, product and service. Here at Slick Azz we have built everything ourselves from the ground up, from our internal systems to Australian vehicle digital templates. We take a lot of pride in the innovation we have implemented within our business and our strategy that differs so much from the rest.

Know that you are not only receiving the best product and installation when you choose us, you are also getting the best customer service and most up to date technology on the market.

Expert level Accredited FlexiShield Installers

All trained and mentored by Maddison Lawrence - Australian FlexiShield Trainer.

Our Director Maddi is internationally renowned as a PPF Trainer and Installer. Frequently travelling overseas to work at the biggest car shows in the world and training scores of PPF students each year.

You can have peace of mind knowing that our installers working on your vehicle are the most highly trained installers in Australia. Not only learning from Maddi but sharing the opportunity to regularly train nationally and internationally at other shops, gathering different techniques and workflows and constantly improving.

Inhouse custom designed Australian Templates

We take our innovation very serious and are constantly adapting and evolving. We not only have access to mulitple template databases, we also have our own digitiser.

This gives us the opportunity to create templates that no one else has access to. We create and digitise all vehicles that come through our shop, anything from bikes to trucks to 4WD’s. This allows us to have a higher quality finish!


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