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What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

“Think of it as a thick clear contact, like the kind your mum would have wrapped your school books with.”

With manufacturers using less and less paint during the production process, it is getting harder to maintain and care for your vehicle. With less paint thickness, you don’t have the ability to continually cut and polish paintwork like old paint thicknesses would allow.

For that reason we went looking for something that actually stopped stone chips and scratches from penetrating through to the paintwork. FlexiShield Paint Protection Film is the toughest and highest performing film we have come across. Unlike other Paint Protection options on the market such as Ceramic and Glass coatings, FlexiShield is a physical film which will act as a sacrificial barrier to your paintwork.

There is a protection kit for everyone.

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Ultra Deep Gloss

Easily the biggest visual difference between FlexiShield PPF and competitor films is the clarity and gloss when comparing side by side.

Thanks to FlexiShields higher grade adhesive technology, there is no haze or orange peel that feature heavily in other options on the market.

Couple that with the self healing properties and you no longer have to worry about buffing, swirl marks from washing your vehicle or scratches. Just ultimate shine and depth at all times.

Self Healing

The top layer of the PPF has impressive and fast self healing capabilities. If a scratch grazes the film, as long as it hasn’t gone through the top layer it will self heal with the assistance of heat. The average depth of tree marks and keying will self heal!

To regenerate the film back to new, simply pour a hot kettle over the film and watch the swirls and scratches dissolve.

Hydrophobic & Ultra Stain Resistance

“Hydrophobic” is one of the biggest paint protection buzz words in the car scene at the moment. Simply meaning that the surface easily repels dirt and water. Increasing how easy the vehicle is to clean and maintain.

Our film is so repellant that it not only has ultra high stain resistance (even bat poo won’t penetrate), it will repel dirt, water and bugs simply slip off the film. No more excessive scrubbing and permanent bug stains.