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In the spirit of Bob the Builder himself, we can wrap almost anything! Give us a flat, smooth surface and we will give you the ultimate protection in return. Check out some of the weird and wonderful objects we’ve tackled below. And remember, so much of what we do is customisable. Nothing is too big or too small, so enquire today!

Tinted PPF

Take your protection to the next level and visually enhance the appearance of your valuables with our tinted paint protection film. Still equipped with all of the same self healing, durable properties as our original PPF, this is perfect for things like headlights and taillights. Caravan windows are also great to wrap in this product as unlike tint this will continue to protect your perspex from scratches, stone chips and those harsh UV rays.

Windshield Film

The cost involved to replace a windshield in the earth moving and race car world is not a cheap exercise. But never fear! Windshield film is here! This nifty film provides a super strong, hard-wearing barrier of protection for your windshield like no other. From impact and scratch resistance to being virtually undetectable this is the perfect addition to keep your windshield looking like new!

Protect your investment with paint protection film.

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Think about the amount of rocks that might fling up from beneath your tyres as you trek down the open road. You’d be crazy not to protect the highly valuable object you tow directly behind your car! Forward faces, full sides, angled roofs and windows on your caravan are just a few of the areas we would recommend protecting.


Much like a car, these precious minis deserve protection just like anything else. Have a custom paint job on your fuel tank that you want protected? Maybe the forks on the front of your bike are taking a pounding? Take the stress out of riding your bike the way it was designed to be ridden by protecting it today!


Specifically designed for harsh conditions, your powerful, heavy construction equipment can be protected too! Opt to have things like the boom, the cab and the windows protected from falling rocks, dirt and the many other obstructions that might come into play!

Watersport Equipment

Not only are boats and jetskis expensive toys to begin with but then go ahead and add custom paint jobs and extra mod cons and you’re suddenly looking at a very pricey investment. We can protect full skis, full sides of boats or if you just prefer some protection on the high wearing areas we can do that too!