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PPF vs Ceramic


One of the biggest debates and most confusing topics… Should you choose PPF or a Ceramic Coating?

What is a Ceramic Coating good for?

What is PPF good for?

Downsides of a Ceramic Coating:

What PPF is not

The Verdict

The Verdict

If you are after something to make your everyday car easier to clean and extra glossy, chances are a ceramic coating installed by a professional detailer is going to be exactly what you need.
If you have a 4WD and you intend to take it off-road or want to protect your car from scratches and chips, then I highly recommend you invest in PPF. It comes with a higher up front cost, but there is no need to “top it” up every year, ultimately making it the more cost effective option.

If you are a visual person - watch Maddi compare the two here.

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